Not attending to complaint.

Location/place: 202, Omkar Custom CHS, 4 Bunglows Andheri west Mumbai

Name of company/service: Dell Computer

I have purchased a Dell Desktop in the month of March 2010. The computer is slow and not functioning properly right from the beginning.
Since 2nd August 2010 the computer stopped functioning. The Dell’s service center is computerised and normally take an eternity to reach the right person. First of all the Dell’s number is always busy After persistant efforts when one succeed in getting connect; the complainant is taken on a ride in various sections which keep you on hold for a very long time but without any result.
The event of 26th August is narrated : After repeated attempt and series of keeping me on hold at last I got a concerned person who informed me that he has escalated the case to a coordinator whose number is busy and thus could not give reply. He gave the name of coordinator to be “Piyush”. He volunteered his number to be 02232466771 and mail id to be [email protected]. After pursuing for almost one hour I had to give up as it was almost 1745 hours.
The relevant facts are as under:
On 16th August succeeded in registering a complaint and was promised an engineer would visit my home. On 17th an engineer was deputed but did not turn up as spares were not available.
Today, it is 26th August and still I am awaiting the attendance to the complaint.
Jitendra Sanghvi


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