Not adhering to the commitment & not returning the documents taken from me for data card issue

Location/place: VISAKHAPATNAM


On 10th Jan 2010, Mr N GIRI for Hello communication, Gajuwaka, franchaise of RELAINCE COMMUNICATION , VISITED MY HOUSE 118B, SECTOR-6, UKKUNAGARAM , VIZAG 530032, ON ENQUIRY FOR DATA CARDS OVER PHONE . He informed that there is an special offer for dat card if I take connection before 11th jan 2010, broand band 1X connection with USB port modem RS 1500 and two months free unlimited usage of inter net with monthly charges after two months shall be Rs799. Though i have sought other plans , it was suggetsted that it will be better and can be changed toother plan at a later date.He has brought a demo unit & demonstrated the performance of the dat card. Though i have less mkoney i had gone to ATM got the money reqiured for getting the connection paid the Mr N GIRI. He had colected ID proof , address proof,application, letter to TRAI the conditions of the offer and taken signature on every paper . He promised to bring the data card by 11th jan 10 by 2 0o 3pm.but i have asked him tocome by 6 pm as i will be in the ofeice upto 5.30pm

Mr Giri called me at 4 pm and informed that he cannt give two months free at rs 1500 as his boss has not agreeing. I told him as he has collected the money and papers he has to adher to the same. It was informed he shall call his boss again.

When i contacted at 6pm he informed that the address varification has not complete and he may not come till he received the same. but it was informed to him that their people had come and varified the address. He informed that he got a mail saying door locked and has to wait till he get varification mail .

On 12th arroundd 6pm it was informed that he caanot give the conneection of rRs 1500 and shall return the money. I has asked him bring along with the papaers / documents he collected from me.It wasinformed that papers will not be returned. Ihave told him i will not accept the money without the papers given by me as the defaulter is his company and not me. he asked not to make issue because mistakes happen. It was informed that because of that only i am acceptingg to take back money but he should return papars also.

As i could not succced in convincing to return the documents . I called Sri Jaya prasad at Releiane vizag and infromed the problem of not returing the papers. He informed he shall call after 10 minnutes but not called till now. I have called the customer care as there is no responce from RIL vizag, Relaince and lodged a complaint.There was reluctance to accept the complaint but finally after 26 min discusssions complaint was lodged to RETURN MY PAPERS AND MONEY, as the defaulter is Relaince in their commitment. Complaint no is 1172 . MR Mahesh sales mgr from vizag reliance called but also go on saying the same the papers willnot be returned. After discussing for 10 min he said he shall call in one hour. Instead one Mr prasad of Gajuwaka called on 13th jan 2010 at 7.45 pm and informed that he will return money on saturday as he executies are not there. When enquired about documents , he said they will not be returned.

Again i have contacted Customer care on 13th Jan 2010 and asked to lodge a complaint for documents taken from me as defaulteris M/s relaince. They were not ready to take complaint , but after lot of persuation with reluctance lodged a complaint . He informed i will receive same reply again.
Till now the money is not returned and the documents collected from me for issue if data card.

In this case defaulter is Relainne and not returning the papers are not correct

If Reolaince has not committed to give the connection for Rrs 1500 , on 10th jan 10, I would have gone for TATA indicaom PHOTON blitz connction which woud have costed me Rs 1299, two months free unlimited connection. As the same is expired now I had to pay more money to get connection and the purpose for which is reqd is not served.

kindly take up suitably with reliane for their defalt and the addtional money, hard ship it has costed to me because of their attitude


Mr Giri called me


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