Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: HCL

I Mayank Sharma bought a new tablet (Model No. U-1) of HCL on 3rd June 2012 from a dealer in non working condition. The dealer told me that it comes discharged from the company by default and I got this device home for charging. And when I got no result of charging I went to the dealer after 4 hours and he said that I have no responsibility for this and said that the after sales services are provided by company and go to the service center and they will get it replaced. But they just put a new software in it on 4th June 2012. I again got a problem of software on 5th June but I did not go to the service center and I just dropped an online complaint to HCL to get it replaced. HCL gave me a Complaint number against which I could recieve an invoice from nearest Service Center to get it replaced but the Center Manager refused to give it to me. He said we will work on this again and give it a solution. They just put a new software in it on 8th of June. And I just faced a new problem of battery backup. I now just want my money back which I wasted in this spoiled device.


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