Non- response from their service station in Pune

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Blackberry 8520

I have given my Blackberry 8520 to Telephone Shoppe subsequent to the black-out of display on 4th June 2010 & subsequently they handed over the handset to their authorised service station (Redingtion)here in Pune for repairing under warranty. I was later told that the service station has to sent to Bangalore due their incompetancy to handle this issue.
Since then i have been regularly chasing them but they fail to give the proper response. Finally they asked me to contact their Manager Mr. Shivkumar who never bothers to receive the call or even reply back to the mail. They also claim that they cannot give the direct no of Blackberry services who handles such complaints.
I believe this is typically a unusual style of handling warranty claims by Blackberry & their agencies. Really frustating. Even today, i do not know when i am going to get my repaired handset back from them as their office staff do not have any clear idea on the same. Really ridiculous? Isnt it….
May be you can help in this issue now.


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