Non receipt of refund of air ticket cancellation

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service:

I had booked a vacation thru make my from their Ahmedabad office on 17/9/10.However the airline ticket from Udaipur-Mum which was booked by them thru my credit card got cancelled due to some technical error and I was assured refund in 2 working days thru email of that date for Rs.9616/-.However I have not recd and today 14 working days are completed.
Yesterday I emailed to them but no one bothered to call me or email back.
Today again I called up the customer care executive-Ganesh Dhandapani but I was told that his duty is over and he has left. No noe seems to be aware of this issue and since there are toll nos I have to keep repeating everytime the matter before I am put across to the concerned executive. And after all this I only reeive assurances. I have emails from them to prove my grievances.Anita Dewnani, Haresh Shah both have only assured me and after my entire trip was booked thru them they are not interested in attending to my problems. I have been told that their Delhi office is looking into the refunds so I should contact them only


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