Non issuance of term plan even after payment

Location/place: allahabad

Name of company/service: Aegon Religare

I did apply for the life insurance term plan iterm online having quotation no. (AEGON Religare iTerm Plan – – Proposal No.512093297353) on 21st sep/2012, but when i make payment (through internet banking of SBI), (details attached) on the just after transaction gateway error was shown, but amount (7203/Rs.) has been deducted from the account with Successful transaction report. but still i am not able to get policy purchase report status. it is showing that i have to make payment.

As i contacted them, initially they were saying that they were solving the issue but since last some days they are not doing anything just saying that again talk to customer care. my money has been stucked in between.

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  1. 11 years ago

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