non installation of samsung ac

Location/place: Aundh, Pune

Name of company/service: Samsung

Hi All,

I bought a samsung ac on 10th May at the height of summer from Chroma, and i was promised that the samsung engineer would visit and install the ac within the next two days. I have had three appointments with samsung engineers thrice and everytime they did not turn up at the appointed hour. I bought the ac as i was unable to take the heat in Pune and was falling sick because of it. Now three weeks have passed since i bought the ac and the installation which should ahve happened two days later has not happened even after three weeks. I have had an asthmatic attack because of the heat and have had hellish three weeks and now i am not interested in getting the ac installed. I want samsung to take back the ac as i dont want an ac from a company which going by my experience i know will not be able to provide me the service that I would want. I want Samsung to pick up their ac and give me back my money.

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