non-cancelable, non-refundable & non-changeable FLIGHT TICKETS FOR DEFENCE PERSONNELS


Name of company/service: SPICEJET AIRLINES

I booked a spice jet ticket from delhi to kolkatta for self and my wife under spice jet defence promo scheduled for 16 apr 2011 booked on 1 march 11 vide pnr no Z6FPBT . Due to dynamic nature of my job and urgency of duty i had to cancel my leave in adv . and hence tried to cancel my above mentioned ticket but to my horror i learnt that I COULD NOT BE CHANGED , RESCHEDULED , CANCELLED OR REFUNDED the reason given was since it is a defence discounted ticket. I would like to draw ur notice that similar discounts are offered by other airlines as well namely indigo , and indigo airlines cancel / reschedule the ticket for 750 rs which is a standard deduction done by all airlines for all types of ticket . The forfietment of fares under defence discount by spicejet is unfair and not justified . may i request u to kindly pursue this case further and prevent harassment to defence fraternity as such they face hardships due to their duty and we should not be harrased on the name of policies . i request spice jet to review my case and refund my money either in cash or as a credit balance

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