No guidelines , Cheated by TaTa Docomo

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

hi i have been using docomo for last 2 and half years and my average bill is around 500 -600 per month, this is after i got a shock of my life when i got my august bill was 4323/- and they have charged me 4000 for 3g.

it all happened on 2nd of august i had brought a new handset which had a micro sim socket so i visited the docomo showroom in richmond road, bangalore to get my sim cutted into micro shape , executive asked me to try 3g pack as it is 199 plan and i would get 1 GB free and it would work far better than 2G and i was activated on the same day, now my bill date is 7th of every month and they consider the service till 4th of every month, i was charged 3G on pro month data for 3days at 4000Rs which was not told me at all.

i have been cheated if at all the guy had told me the procedure i would have not activated or used the data at all, .

kindly guide me i have planned to change my number and not gone pay them.

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