Network issue by Airtel and poor service from Airtel Nodal and Appellate

Dear Sir/Madam

It is really sad to know that we stay in a country where the mobile companies are spending crores of rupees on advertisement rather then spending on proper network equipments.

It has been almost 6 months now that I have been exchanging calls from Airtel Platinum Service, Appellate and Nodal. Till date have not received any solution to the complaint raised.

In Oct 2014, I had shifted to my new apartment at 30201, Bhuvana Greens, Hosa Road, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore – 560035. During this time we noticed that the airtel network in this region was very poor. It was difficult to make call, receive call. Somewhere in Nov 2014 the complaint was lodged with airtel service regarding the network issue. Frequent follow ups had to be made until a person from network team had visited my apartment. He informed me that there are two towers which are situated at a distance or 800 to 1000 mts. Hence the network is poor. He then assured that the issue will be sorted out.

Trusting the network executive I was in the impression that the issue will be sorted out. But instead after a month when I again called the customer care they informed me that the issue been already resolved and it has been intimated to me by the airtel backhand team, which never happened. Then the call was transferred to the cancellation department where the executive informed me that they will provide me a discount of 25% on my monthly rental for 3 months and at the same time the complaint will be resolved. At the same time he informed me that the network team had informed me that they cant provide an receptor or booster for one single person. if the number of user in the area is around 25 to 30 then they can provide a receptor or booster.

As I stay at an apartment where there are 220 flats, I got to know that there are around 55 connections of airtel which is being used at Bhuvana Greens and each one of them is facing the same issue. Few of them had also complained to airtel customer support on the same, but the issue was not resolved.

I have provided the 55 connection details to airtel Nodal who had informed me that the issue will be resolved by Feb 28th 2015.

In March 1st week again when I contacted Nodal they informed me that they need approval from Govt for providing a receptor or booster. Once the approval is received only then the complaint will be resolved.

Few calls were exchanged between the Appellate and Nodal team regarding the same issue and yet the complaint remains the same. Even emails have been exchanged and also a request for an appointment with Nodal Officer at Bangalore office was made. But till date no reply on the appointment for the meeting.

My point here is
1. Is there any govt body which governs the mobile service providers
2. how is the signal and connectivity strength tested
3. why does the mobile companies take it granted when these kind of issues raised
4. Isnt the Nodal Officer approachable. why dont we get an appointment to meet him/her in person
5. What type of action do I need to take in order to resolve this issue
6. What type of govt approvals needed to install receptor or booster to enhance the network strength
8. The discount of 25% offered to me does it apply the same to all the people who are facing the same issue


Nischal Babu Amin
SR. No: 60102563
GSM: 9341620616
email: [email protected]

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