negligent & worst services of my water purifier & vacuum cleaner under annual maintance


Name of company/service: EUREKA FORBES LIMITED

Respected Sir/Madam,
I want to inform you that my Water Purifier Aqua guard classic unit no.-11185 is under annual maintance contract from last more than six From your Kanpur office, Specifically first time for one year, 2nd time for two years (30.05.2006 to29.05.2008) & lastly it is renewed for three years (30.05.2008 to29.05.2011) for annual maintance contract.
2. From last three years renewal of above annual maintaince contract I found that your service person/official Mr. P.N.DIVEDI is never regular & punctual for his service. He always came for annual services after my several telephonic calls. He told me throughout the tenure of a.m.c. that he is very busy & assures that he will come in next week but sorry to inform you that his next week always converted into next months. Not only this he is never sincere & sigent about his regular visits & he never comes to do the necessary service in his pre fixed time & date .He never came his pre fixed time & when I object him that why you are not coming at pre fixed
Time? Every time he always tells something new.
3. His never coming in his pre fixed time was the main reason that whenever he comes in absence of me, he cunningly takes the signature of my wife in his job card before doing the service and that is also incomplete work. Once I reached late evening at my residence from my office, I saw that he has taken the signature of my wife in the job card after doing incomplete half service. When I enquired him about the job done? According his explanation I found that he has done incomplete service. I asked him why so? He admitted his fault & assures that it will not be repeated in future & at this time also he has already taken the signature of my wife without telling what was the work to be done & what he did? I also enquired him why he has come in the late evening in place of his pre fixed time? & why you have taken the signature of my wife in the job card in spite of my several clear instructions/directions that you should not take the signature of my wife on the job card? He has no explanations about that.
4. But my several requests he never changes his behavior & conduct of working process about his service work & when I fed up from his attitude & working then I warned him that if he will not do his service job of my above quoted machine regularly, punctually & pre fix time without any failaurity in my presence, I will refer/inform the matter to his higher officials about his carelessness, irregularity & non punctuality but regret to mention that he simply assures for not repeat ions of his such type of acts in future but never come in practical.
5- When I found that your service person / mechanic Mr.P.N.Divedi is continuously harassing me from his rough service then I informed about all matter to Mr. Awdhesh Shukla service manager of Kanpur office. He assured me for solving my problems but it never comes in practical. He perhaps never appears serious & sincere about my problems. He always given me simple diplomatic assurance orally but never did the same in practical.
6- It is not out of place to mention that prior to this I several times draw the attention of Mr. Awdhesh Shukla service manager of Kanpur office about my problems in detail. But Mr. Shukla always pay oral sympathy and said that he is also a resident of SHUKLA GANJ UNNAO and such type of problems will not be come in future. But his assurance also never comes in practical shape. Perhaps Mr.P.N.Divedi has convinced him accordingly, due to that in spite of my efforts at you Kanpur situated office has not solved my problems. It is our well settled view that if MR. Mr. Awdhesh Shukla service manager at Kanpur office has taken a very small interest in my problem & difficulty I was not so harassed by your service person / mechanic Mr.Divedi.
7. Ultimately when I found that no one is sincere & serious about my problems I started to make service request by e-mail through internet from more than last six months.After this some improvements has been come in service. After this MR.Shukla has make me a call on my cell phone and said why I had made service request /complaint through e-mail? He said to me that the e-mails send by me will come to him & the work/service should ultimately done by him so in place of being e-mails service request I should make request to him personally .I told him that I am sending e-mail service requests due to your non co-operation & never sincere/serious about my machine service problems due to that I have no alternate remedy of my problem solution. Then he became mum.
8. But meanwhile Mr. Divedi service mechanic again turn up his old routine habit and started not to come for service at pre fixed time. He intensely prefers that service time when Maximum chances of my presence at residence should not be available & he can do the incomplete service as his usual habit .I again asked him that why he does not come his pre fixed time? He said that he has a lot of work of company at Unnao and when he finds the spare time from all work then he comes for my service work.
9. Then again I informed about the facts to Mr. AWADESH SHUKLA Service Manager of Kanpur, he said that very soon he will come to Unnao & short out all my problems but once again I regret to mention that it never happens in practical. This was also his pre usual diplomatic assurance or we can say that he has given a lolly-pop to me for an assurance & nothing else.
10. I want to inform one more event to you that I have send an e-mail service request on dated 08/03/2011 for the leakage of the machine but regret to mention that more than twenty days over no one has come to solve my problems. After that I again send an e-mail on dated 21/03/2011 of service request then after two days Mr. AWADESH SHUKLA Service Manager of Kanpur has make me a call & said that why I have send e-mail of service request in spite of his earlier advices/whips/directions? That I should not send any e-mails why I did it? I told him that from last more than twenty days I have send an e-mail for leakage of the machine but no one has turned up for resolving my problems then I have made an e-mail again & what should I do ?.He said that he has not received any previous e-mails. His talking behavior was just like threatening me for not do so of sending e-mails for service request. I was just shocked about his discussion/chat that how he can talk me just like this?
11. Two days after someone Mr. Abhishek from Kanpur office has make a call to my mobile no. 9415427455 from his office phone & he asked me from where I have bought the aforesaid machine? I pointed out him that my machine is under a.m.c. from last six years then at this stage why are you asking me about the information of buying? & it what has concern & relation with our annual maintance contract? He started haphazard talks. I asked him that such type of talks is not up to the marks and you cannot talk me like this. I said him that such type of talks are not parliamentary & I will certainly refer such type of talks & discussions to your higher officials. Then he disconnected the phone.
12. It is also worthwhile to mention as one more example of Mr.P.N.Divedi of your service mechanic carelessness & negligence that I also have a vacuum cleaner of EUREKA FORBES of BULLET model & that was also given for a.m.c. through MR. Divedi for the period of two years with effect from 25.01.2007 to 24.01.2009 and you will surprise to know that after the day he took the aforesaid Bullet vacuum cleaner annual maintance contract & related cheque,he never touch his hand to my aforesaid Bullet vacuum cleaner throughout the entire period of two years of annual maintance contract in spite of my several requests of removing the problems of vacuum cleaner. He always says that today he has no timehe will make the service in the next time & eliminate the all faults. But regret to mention that his next time never came & whole two years of a.m.c. passed & A.M.C. Of my that aforesaid vacuum cleaner was over. And this facts has also brought by me in the knowledge of Mr. Awdhesh Shukla service manager of Kanpur office but he again favored to Mr.Divedi as his pre decided nature. I want to ask you only one question that is it the value added annual maintaince quality service of EUREKA FORBES ? Which has a renown world fame company & his name is himself a QULITY service symbal.You doesn’t feel that such type of bad services are the sigma & black spot on the name & fame of EUREKA FORBES ? Please be note that due to such type of worst service I doesn’t renewed annual maintance contract of my vacuum cleaner of BULLET model of your EUREKA FORBES which I too much interested to renew / carry the annual maintance of my bullet vacuum cleaner for further period of time.
13. Then next day again Mr.Awesh shukla service manager of Kanpur office has make me a call & said that he wants to come to Unnao for discussions. I asked him about Mr.Abhishek ?,He told that he is computer operator. He said that I am a residing of Unnao also due to that I am interested with you otherwise your annual maintance contract is with EUREKA FORBES LIMITED & you know or EUREKA FORBES LIMITED knows. EUREKA FORBES LIMITED is a renown world fame company . He has a large number of customers, it is not possible us to satisfy all customers.You can make complaints against us but we are working in this company from last more than twenty years & EUREKA FORBES LIMITED cannot do anything against us. We are most senior persons/employees. He also said that already you have been so in troubles of e-mails sending nothing has gotten you. Simply you have created mental tensions yourself.
You should understand that we are the employees of so powerful & heavy weight company that
EUREKA FORBES LIMITED has sufficient power to face all legal consequences & complications. As form EUREKA FORBES LIMITED, we are not worried about that all worryness is with you.
All aforesaid facts & circumstances clear cut shows that from last few years of annual maintance contract of your facility of service of my water purifier aqua guard & bullet vacuum cleaner was not up to the marks. Your service mechanic Mr.P.N.Divedi has so much harassed me that I am fed up from his negligence, incomplete & unpunctual working of service & Mr.Awdesh Shukla service manager of your Kanpur office has totally sheltered him & he was never sincere & serious about the captioned matter. He always twists the matter with only diplomatic assurances/discussions. He never made even a single effort to solve my problems in spite of my several requests. Perhaps MR.P.N.Diwedi has close relations with MR.Awdesh Shukla service manager of Kanpur office due to that he has never interested to solve my problems & always favors to MR.P.N.DIWEDI.
THIS IS A TOTALLY UNFAIR TRADE PRACTISE.I have the sufficient & strong proofs in support of above mentioned facts & I will do submit in case of need before the appropriate authority & court of law including consumer forum. I also have a lot of unchallenged & undoubted data’s & co-related documentary evidences & proofs in support of above mentioned facts & findings of this complaint
Thanking you!
Yours Sincerely
(Sanjeev Pandey)
R/O:-354/3,Puran Nagar Road
In The Street In Front Of P.W.D. Office.
In Front Of Gopeshwar Temple,
Civil Line, Unnao,U.P.-209801
E-Mail:- [email protected]
Mobile No.:-9415427455, 9792181909, 9956777749
Phone/Fax: – 0515-2821629


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