Naaptol is selling products on false promise

Location/place: Delhi

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Please refer order no 360102. I order one tri sim mobile from, model number Boss Touch Screen CDMA + GSM Mobile – 633. It was delivered to me on 10th of May 2010. My problems with Boss Mobile and Naaptol are as following:
1. I realised that the product I received is missing accessories. I was also told that I will receive a free wrist watch if I pay using my credit card. I complaint about the same and my complaint number is 116388. I have not received anything till now inspite of repeated follow ups. I was also asked to pay for the accessories.
2. The battery provided is a single battery along with phone. The battery backup is much low as promised or claimed in the product manual. I companied about the same on customer care number and also by email. No Resolution. They are denying replacing the battery. The product is under six month’s warranty.
3. The customer care number of Boss Mobile, published on the website of Boss mobile 09223516148 ( connects me to the customer care of This suggests me that both the companies are same.
4. The accessories claimed on the website as a free gift are standard accessories of the mobile which are also generally provided by other companies. Hence claiming them as a free gift along with mobile is itself a case of fraud and an attempt to misguide the customers.

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