MTNL joins as ninth member of rescue team to help world’s LONE heavy spammer!

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: MTNL

Detail at
The lone heavy spammer, using email service in all countries, sent a billion emails every minute. Spam in our inboxes swelled up from 50 a day to 600 a day.
I began SPAM THE SPAMMER crusade on 04 March 2010. On 08 April 2010, I located this LONE heavy spammer using USA in bulk – the account was terminated on my complaint. On my first complaint, many accounts were terminated every hour. During recent days, he has been signing up debut accounts in new countries. Since 14 April SEVEN indian companies – RelianceTheCancer Sancharnet TataCom Railtel Airtel Vodafone – visibly came to rescue of dying world email spam. On 19 April the master spammer – hard disk harvester roped in Novanet first and then MTNL to make rescue team total nine. From circumstances, master spammer appears to be kin of either a minister or TRAI/DOT Chief in India.
The emails received have links which do not produce any page/error page. While victim waits for something to happen, image of hard disk is transmitted to spammer. He may be targeting bank passwords and precious software.

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