mr.ben johan kennedy a fraud men and microsoft is a fraud compeny

Location/place: ghaziabad

Name of company/service: microsoft compeny

i got Massage from microsoft company of annual prize,that I got USD1,000,000.00 .I have to gave 15500 indian rupees for release the prize money from mumbai Custom.Kennedy Ben john called me,and told me to give that money to the particular account of mr.N hemanta singh in acc. no.30832107149.I gave the money to Kennedy Ben John.Aftre that he told me to give 35500/- for currency conversion.I give the money in different account first mr. laishram singh acc. no.32027325636 rs.25000. and second acc. is mr.H somokanta singh acc. no.32020091645 rs.10500 which are given by the manager of RBI who says there name mr. upendar in 12/01/2012 they told me to give rs.76300 for get transaction id.but i dont give.PLease try to get my money back.He told that he is in Delhi now.My [email protected]


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