Location/place: Burdwan,WB

Name of company/service: State Bank of India,Khosbagan Br,Burdwan

Dear Sir,
I beg to inform you that I had taken a House Building Loan of Rs.8 lakhs in Nov 06 from the State Bank Of India,Khosbagan Branch,Burdwan,bearing loan A/C NO:30089341490 & regularly paying EMI..On 15/06/09,I had been to the Bank for taking the IGR deposited with them & to get delivery of the original deed,which is required for sanctioning of extension plan etc.,but it was revealed that the same is misplaced.Immediately I had lodged a complain with the Bank on 15/06/09 with a request to arrange for the duplicate IGR ,so that I can get my original Deed. But no action was taken by the Bank Authority. The matter was taken up with the General Manager,State Bank of India(Local Head office),samriddhi Bhavan,1 Strand Road,Kolkata – 01 on 21/10/09
Based on a E-mail request of the Bank,&Telephonic request, I had submitted a xerox copy of IGR on 23/11/09, &address of the seller on 30/04/10 respectively, but all are in vein.

On 05/07/10 I was compelled to lodge another complain with the General Manager,State Bank of India(Local head office),Samriddhi Bhavan,1Strand Road,Kolkata- 01

Again as per request of Bank I had submitted the following documents on 21/11/11 :-
a) Xerox copy of the IGR
b) Xerox copy of the bank draft in proof of payment of addl. registration fees
c) Xerox copy of the certified copy of the Deed.

Since then I am running from pillar to post, but the Bank Authority is not taking any action on my grievance,and consequently I am not getting my extension plan sanctioned as well as the same is mutated in my name.

Your kind honour is therefore requested to intervene into the matter & to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Yours faithfully

Shyamal Kumar Pal
267 Bahir Sarbamongala Road
Burdwan – 01, Burdwan


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