misleading information of charge denomination on website

Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: idea celleur

dear sir,i am a customer of idea celleur,i have done recharge of denomination(14,38,110) after seeing the information on the net.38 is for roaming purpose which was OK,110 was for 180std min which is also OK and 14 is again for std pack which on the net showing is recharge for value 10.46,because of which my 38 recharge have been wasted and i am also not able to utilize 110 pack,when i talked to customer care they told they will rectify the mistake but they cannot help me, i have wasted around 20 of my std min on this issue but no result came forward they also refuse to launch a complaint regarding this,i have a lot about consumer forum that’s why i am here my talk customer ref no as provided is 1-bdczc6x.please do the necessarily


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