Misleading Information and harrasment

Location/place: Kalikapur, Kolkata

Name of company/service: Reliance Infocom and Capital Electronics, Gariahat

A company is known by the services it provides… and i can safely and loudly say one thing- Reliance Co. and all its products and services are one of the worst things that can happen to a consumer of today… Its blood sucking and extracting money to generate unethical and huge profits is the only motive they have to stay in business… Whatever happens to the customer is not their least of their concerns…..

Not long ago, I bought a Reliance 3G high speed USB Dongle which boasted of providing speeds upto 7.2 mbps along with a HCL Tab called ME U1, (another worthless piece of junk) from a shop named “Capital Electronics” in Gariahat, refuses to work because the documents i provided there, were not what the company expects from the customer along with their CAF… When i took the same documents at a Reliance World, they said, the documents i provided were absolutely fine yet my services are barred as of now because my documents have not yet been submitted with the verification cell… and when i asked them to take my documents again they said they can’t accept the documents as it is a post paid connection and the place from where i bought these things, they have to do this thing or else no progress can be expected (how strange)… I went back to Capital Electronics charging them with incompetency and lack of professional ethics when i saw my documents smeared in edible oil and food… The sales person who sold me the tab along with the dongle, tried to defend himself by being extremely rude to me saying that he had done his job and i as a customer knows nothing how things work… everything said and done… a Reliance area sales manager who happened to be present at the shop came forward and took the responsibility to re submit fresh documents that i provided him again and said my services will be on from the next day as he will do it in priority basis…. that was day before yesterday and the priority period has passed 24 hrs ago….

In all this hassle and going through the harassment I have been to Reliance World twice and visited Capital Electronics, Gariahat, Kolkata 4 times spending more than Rs. 500/- on commutation.. not to mention the the worthless android tab which says it has the latest “ICS” (android version 4.0.3) but no Google Play Store or better known as Android Market. The sales guy had said a firm yes, on being asked if it has this feature or not. I am willing to fight till the end with the injustice done to me and to justify the amount i spent on these things…

Am a human being and my time and efforts have values too… I refused to be bullied by a large company that is trying hard to make me give up…

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