Misleading Information

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel 3G Broadband Dongle

Since there is no response from phone and email correspondence, I am copying the email and the issue here-

I just received a bill of Rs.4500 for my Airtel 3G Internet. My number is 9972182627, bill number is 747377641 and billing period is 26th March to 25th April. My alternate contact for discussing this issue is- 8951264911. Please read through the following points-

1. When I purchased the connection, I was told by the executive that I will be given “Free Double Usage” for the first month and would get a discount of Rs.150/month for 6 months. His name was Suresh and his number was 9900002955. I paid Rs.999 for the dongle and opted for a plan of Rs.750 (5GB) after mutual agreement on the above conditions.

2. I checked my usage on 19th April, which as you can see in the attachments was 2GB. My last day usage was between 2.5GB-3GB keeping my total download for the month less than 5GB.

3. I had registered a complaint on 31st March related to the 1st point above for which I did not receive any response, not till the mentioned date, not yet.

I have taken proper care that my usage does not exceed the free download limit. I have not got any response for my issue raised more than a month back. The Rs.150 discount has not been given in the bill, and I have also not been given free double usage (10GB) also. I will not be making the payment of this bill until this issue has been resolved and a new bill is generated for the previous month. There has been no exceeded usage, hence the bill should be Rs.750 – Rs.150 (discount as mentioned) = Rs.600 + Taxes. Once you regenerate and send me the new e-bill, I shall make immediate payment online.

My internet has been disconnected before my bill due date because I crossed the credit limit of Rs.1000. Why did you let my bill even exceed that amount! And how can you disconnect it before the due date of payment!


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