misbehaviour by dealer and laptop servicing

Location/place: Bareilly

Name of company/service: Asus

1. I am an Indian Air Force Officer staying at Bareilly, U.P. I have a Dell Laptop for last 4 years.

2. I wanted to purchase a Mini laptop in affordable price range with good features. I carried out extensive research on net and finally selected Asus EeePC 1015CX. Although i had not used an Asus product earlier and I was satisfied with Dell, I still went in for Asus laptop based on internet ratings and reviews, eventhough I was a bit apprehensive. I thought the company provided good products with assured servicing. But now I find that Asus is way far behind in quality and customer satisfaction.

3. I purchased Asus EeePC 1015CX Mini laptop on 10 Aug 12, Sl. No. C4OAAS193185 from P.C.Point, Bareilly, U.P. The dealer was very courteous and well mannered at the time of purchase. However, he did not show me the PC operation at the time of sale, saying that it was closing time. when I went home I found many buttons were not working. I called the dealer who said that he has forgotten to install drivers and I will have to go to Asus site on net and download drivers. I had lots of problems including waste of lots of time due to this but still I installed the drivers on my own though it costed me lots of delays in my other works. Then on 27 Aug, the laptop suddenly swithed off. I could’n swith it on despite all efforts, with battery fully charged. I took it to the dealer who is 12 Km from my residence, leaving my other works aside. when I showed it to the dealer, he simply took out the battery, blew some air from mouth, and said its working now. I told him that the problem may be still bigger and laptop needs to be checked thoroughly, to which he started making excuses saying it was a small issue of dust. He just wouldn’t believe that there was a problem with the laptop. Then suddenly the laptop stopped working again, and now he couldn’t switch it on. I told him to do something to which he started speaking in arrogant tone, and told me to go to service centre at 8 at night. He flatly refused to take responsibility of the product! He even said that i must have done something to the laptop thats why it has stopped working! I have never faced such low grade and annoying behaviour with Dell, Dell is far much superior to Asus in behaving wih customers is concerned. He said the laptop has stopped working after the use by customer, so the customer is responsible! I was shocked.
The matter became so serious that finally he was shouting at top of his voice and telling me to buy some other company laptop instead of Asus. I was surprised that Asus dealer himself wants me to buy another company laptop! Is this the credibility of Asus product?

4. I filed an online complain with Asus online complaint wabsite [email protected] on 8 sep 12, to which they replied on 11 Sep, saying my complaint number is 7380410!!. Also, I got a call from a service centre representative on 10 sep, who said they will be coming to my place same day or next day. Today is 15 Sep, and I still await servivng from Asus. My so called ‘brand new’ product is lying unserviceable for last 3 weeks, with no signs of Asus taking any action.

5. I am going to recommend all my friend and colleagues and friend not to go in for Asus products, as the customers are cheated and ill treated by Asus dealers.

6. I am highly hurt and disturbed due to this incidence. If my issue is not addressed, I want this incidence to reach the GM of company, India head of sales division, and all senior executives of this company. If anybody has any shame left, they will take some action to get this thing repaired and the dealer sorted out.

6. It is requested that the matter be looked into and action be taken against defaulter, to build the trust of Asus in ite customers. Otherwise the company may lose out badly against well established names like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

Yours Faithfully,

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