Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Baazar Kolkata


I went to baazar kolkata yesterday while returning security guard asked me to show the bill copy and items I have purchased, I did as there was no offence. But after that he was demanding to check my hand bag himself that was too personal. When I denied then he shouted and a lady member came and checked my bag as if i am a thief. this was a huge insult to me. I work in a MNC when i can afford to shop for thousands rs how can he asked to check the bag?? that too without any reason. when I asked to complaint, he himself shown me the way to the manager in an arrogant way as if he knows the reaction of manager already. To my surprise after complaining floor manager was also neutrally continuing his work. I have shopped in big malls around india and many other countries outside india but never faced this kind of insult. I was already not a regular member of Baazar kolkata but after this I would like and recommend others to stay away of these guys. But I really want them to understand that they have done wrong things and escalate the issue to the higher level so that no one like me suffers again. These companies should learn to hire trained employee or trained them how to deal with customers.

The branch was Baazar Kolkata, VIP Road near teghoria, Kolkata


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