Location/place: bijepur

Name of company/service: saroj kumar sahu

Mr. B.K. Sahu Branch Manager of S.B.I. Bijepur Branch Un necessarily harased to all general public(Coustomer of bank)But one who a large transaction with bank he has beahave well to them.In his eye all costomer are not equel.
My self a coustomer of bank with s/b account.on 23/4/10 for conversion of single account to joint account with my spouse in written application enclosed with Pass port photo,Voter I D.but he unnecessary herased me and told to produce telephone bill,electric bill for residential proof.I had said to BM I am a old coustomer .I have already submit my residential proof at the time of opening of new account in the year 1976. Now in my telephone bill or electric bill their is no name of my spouse.I attested her signature and submit the Voter ID of her and I introduced her as my wife.why you haresed us.BM denied us.


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