Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a policy holder of HDFC LIFE SUPER INCOME PLAN (Policy No. 22351655, Dated: 28.02.2020) since 28.02.2020 with an initial investment of INR 50000/-. I bought this policy/ plan through telephonic discussion with a broker, Kamal Sharma (north india finserve pvt. ltd.), Mob. 7533927546 calling himself as Manager at Noida office of HDFC BANK, while purchasing this policy he promised that I have to invest INR 50000/- for coming 16 years and at the start of 8th year I will get back an amount of 400000/-. Along with this he promised me that i will get a cashback of INR 15000/- after paying first year payment because he is doing my policy under staff relation. Now the problem is, just few days after i received so called verification call saying that my policy is not of golden category so I cannot receive any cashback as well as my policy no. can not be activated, to get a cash-back or activate my policy no., I need to make my policy amount to INR 85,000/- and above and to make policy amount to this, I need to buy another policy (worth INR 35,000/-) of RELIANCE NIPOON LIFE INSURANCE (Policy No. 53818683, Dated: 24.11.2020) so as to make my total investment to INR 85,000/- and above as Reliance and HDFC GROUP has a collaboration and the total amount will be reflected back to my policy and only then my policy will come in golden category and my policy no. will be activated and I will get a cashback of INR 35,000/-.
After all these payments/ investments, i am still waiting for the cash-back/ bonus from the Reliance Nippon life insurance company. Now when I call Reliance Nippon customer care, they says that I have to invest till 10 coming years and the total amount which i will get back is somewhat around 4 lakh (lumpsum) that is after 15 years which is totally different from the information provided by your agent.
Now i am at middle of the condition whether to pay next premium which is in coming month or feel like looted/ misguided by the agent.
I would further request you to please look into the matter and take necessary (strict) action against Kamal Sharma and solve my issue. Please note that I have all recorded calls from Kamal Sharma in which he had clearly made promises for the specified amount.

In POLICY BOND Agent detail are: Name : Auric Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd, Address : 811, Mercantile House 15 Kasturba
Gandhi Marg New Delhi New Delhi Delhi, Code : 00854470, License No : CA0094,Contact
Details : 011-43034056
They say we don’t know any kamal sharma


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