Location/place: LUCKNOW

Name of company/service: CARNATION AUTO INDIA PVTLTD

This to bring under your kind notice that I had visited Carnation motors Lucknow hub on 30/05/12 for accidental insurance work.They took the car and ordered the parts from delhi local markets and installed low quality parts in my Innova vehicle. Parts ( ac compressor, condensor, radiator) that were ordered came within 3 to 4 days and they took 10 days to install the parts and still the AC did not work. I had to visit the showroom from 10 in morning till 6 in the evening and run all around the workshop to get even a single nut tightened in my vehicle. They committed that they would deliver the vehicle completed anyhow by 11 june as it was a taxi car and was to report on duty on 12/06/12 morning. But due to their failure of the commitment , I could not send the car and have incurred heavy monetary loss as the tender of that customer was cancelled by him due to commitment. When I asked why was the delay so Mr. abhishek in carnation motors told me if you felt that there had been delay you would have taken ur car with half work done or would have not tried taking insurance claim. This is the way that they treat their customers. Even though the company insurance was cashless so they forcibly took a blank cheque to release my car.Even though the parts that were ordered were of wrong type 3 times so it took so much time to get the correct parts for my car. I would request you to escalate the matter to Mr. Jagdish Khattar it is easier to reach the PM than him, and let him know the behaviour of his carnation team in lucknow.

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  1. 11 years ago

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