Location/place: RAJKOT

Name of company/service: INDIGO

Subject: My Grievance

Ref:- My checked in luggage (Ref:- 0312005463) (FLIGHT NO. 6E 157 from Delhi to Ahmedabad dtd 05/6/12)

My missing checked in luggage did not arrive when I landed which was a day later received and sent to me by INDIGO from Ahmedabad to Rajkot by Eagle travels

I have received the missing rucksack on 7/6/12. But .the shoulder strap of the rucksack has been spoiled with writing of docket no. with permanent marker

When I reported the missing luggage after arriving at Ahmedabad, Mr. Edward of INDIGO said. the luggage, when received in Ahmedabad, would be courier or hand delivered to me at Rajkot.

Instead, it was sent thru Eagle travels which does not deliver the consignment. I had to go and collect my rucksack. It was sent without packing! And, the docket no. has been written on the shoulder strap with peremanent marker.

It was painful enough for me not to have received the checked in luggage after landing. And, to make it worse,

1) They have not even taken care to properly send it to me in packed condition.

2) They have not sent thru a staff member or recongnised courier like DHL

3) They have sent it on collection basis.

Now, I want INDIGO to please give me a new rucksack of the same or equivalent standard and size.

I sent an e-mail to them on 9/6/12 to Ahmedabad which has not been even acknowledged inspite of my various telephone calls.

Even the company has not given any customer care e-mail id on their site.

Pl. help me with this matter


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