LPG refill not delivered, but shown as delivered

My Indane distributor Sri Rama Agencies in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore regularly locks my account because I do not order a refill LPG cylinder (residential) within 6 months of the previous order. So I have to go to their office to submit new KYC documents before they unlock the account.

On February 26th I submitted KYC forms and documents, and also asked for and then signed a form voluntarily giving up my LPG subsidy. They told me they would update and unlock my account the same day.

The next day I ordered a cylinder refill via IVRS (automated phone system) and got the reference number. The day afterwards, I also registered an account with indane website. When I logged in, I found that in my status, I was shown as a subsidy customer, and that KYC documents were “not submitted.” I then did the website procedure for opting out of subsidy.

Yesterday, I checked the refill order status, and it shows that I ordered on 27/02 and the cylinder was delivered on 28/02 !! What is more, it is shown as one refill from my subsidy quota. Meanwhile, my empty cylinder is standing right next to my front door inside my apartment ..

I suspect the cylinder has been diverted to someone else. I have submitted complaints on the indane website about this and gotten acknowledgement email, nothing else. Distributor phone is always engaged during office hours.

I posted this on Facebook and a friend of mine told me it is a standard scam, i.e. even though I have not paid for the undelivered cylinder, it is given to someone else from my subsidy quota. The distributor knows from my history that I do not oder more than one refill cylinder a year.

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