Lottery forgery case via email

Location/place: Pithoragarh

Name of company/service: Scarlet Courier PARCEL DELIVERY INC

I (Mr. R.S.Bisht) have received an Email form Scarlet Courier PARCEL DELIVERY INC. I don’t know is it true or false.
they had told me to make the payment of 15,000/- INR for claming the winning prizes along with the certificate. I had given some information to them like Name, Address, Tel. NO. , Country, State etc., which are demanded by them to claim the winning prize. They had also contact me from United Kingdom in my mobile number(From this No. They had contacted me +447010033435), and told me to make payment ASAP. They also told me not to give this detail to anyone. But when I searched about this Lottery scheme in INTERNET,then I was shoked to see so many complains about this type of things.

So here is the Email that I had got from them:- (See Below)

Scarlet Courier Limited.
Head Office & Accounts 658 Ajax Avenue,
Slough Berkshire,SL1 4BG
London,United Kingdom.
(REG NO:103309).
Tel :+447010033435

Welcome to Scarlet Courier Company Limited We offer 24 hours services From Monday-Sunday

Dear Valuable Customer,

We are proud to inform you that your certified winning parcel containning a cheque of {Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pound Sterlings {500,000.00 Pounds} and a prize winning certificate has been registered with this company with Registration Number {PARCEL/NUM/7080} which is to be delivered to your residence as instructed by our affiliated (B.B.C LOTTERY BOARD).

Scarlet Courier Service has gone through a transformation from a mere quoting method to becoming an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections and inspections, and the general public We make it simple. By standardizing the Scarlet Courier Service rates, hence Scarlet Courier Company has put the world in your fingertips. We are not a broker, we are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a non-vessel operating common carrier ( N.V.O.C.C.) to produce original shipping documents, and we are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration under the TSA as an indirect air carrier (I.A.C.) to engage in air cargo worldwide, therefore we can leverage our technology with our experience to save your money and serve you on a global basis.

The Scarlet Courier Company, items are priced according to the tariff zone of the destination country, volumetric weight (1m³ = 250kg) of the item,additional services selected and in accordance with the value of the parcel.

Scarlet Courier Compny is Regulated and Stipulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA),the finacial institutions that Govern all Financial activities in the United Kingdom. Please, make yourself available to sign and collect your parcel upon delivery. include a phone number of this person to enable us call him/her when we gets close to your area.With this information, we would be able to dispatch your parcel immediately. We will only deliver the parcel to the address you have given us and we will only hand over the parcel to the person you will assign to sign for its collection. This individual must have a valid identification of him/herself as proof.Also we do not allow customers to send their friends or relatives to pickup their parce ls on their behalf,due to security reasons.

NOTE :below are the mandatory charges that you are required to pay to enable us courier your certified parcel to you. You are allowed to choose one of our three specified shipment options for your location and send your option back to us. for us to provide you with payment information on how you are to make payment for the delivery of your parcel.

Please find below our charges:
First class delivery: in Next Available Flight: (320 P0UNDS)
First class delivery: in Next Available Flight MailingGBP £100.0000.00
InsuranceGBP £120.0000.00
Vat (+)GBP £100.0000.00
TOTALGBP £320.0000.00


Premium class delivery: in 24 hours: (260 POUNDS)

class delivery: in 24 hours
MailingGBP £80.0000.00
InsuranceGBP £120.0000.00
Vat (+)GBP £60.0000.00
TOTALGBP £260.0000.00


Normal class delivery: in 48 hours:(200 POUNDS)
Normal class delivery: in 48 hours
MailingGBP £60.00 00.00
InsuranceGBP £120.0000.00
Vat (+)GBP £20.0000.00
TOTALGBP £200.0000.00


Note:The charges are a little high because of the insurance cover we have undertaken incase of loss,damage or theft of your highly sensitive consignment content.We assume all responsibilities incase of any eventualities……….Scarlet Courier Company Ltd .do not allow Cash on delivery{C.O..D} as all payment must be made in this office before shipment can commence

This is in accordance with section 13 (1) (n) of the National Promo Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winnings and to avoid misappropriation of funds.

Do confirm indicate your specified shipment option and send it to this office via, email. All orders not delivered within five {5} working days from this communication, will lead to the return of the parcel.

Kindly send your option within 24hrs of receipt of this email, and you shall be informed on how to make payment for the cost of delivery. As soon as payment of Insurance is made, your parcel shall immediately be insured and dispatched via any of your delivery option.

Thanks for using Scarlet Courier Company Ltd, Your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to providing you the best of our quality service.

Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you ASAP.

Please do call customer-care line on Tel :+447010033435 for confirmation:

Mr.Richard Cooker
Dispatch Officer.scarlet courier services the fastest and reliable in delivery service !


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