Your Location/city: Dubchururia, P.O.- Andal Gram, Dist.- Burdwan, Pin.- 713321

Name of the product/service/company:: HDFC Bank two wheeler loan

Sir / Madam
With due respect, I would like to place the following lines for your perusal and favourable consideration,
Sir / Madam, I am having a Bike loan from HDFC Bank, recently I have got a notice from the lawyer of HDFC Bank (Kolkata) accusing me the defaulter of Rs 352.00 ( Rupees three hundred and fiftytwo only) as per the Loan A/C No. 90361109
But for your kind information, I would like to say that, HDFC Bank accused me wrongly, based on my Bank A/C statement which shows that I have paid all the installment ( Rs. 1708.00) of the said loan accordingly, and so I feel very much insulted by the above notice.
Not only that a representative of HDFC bank was continuously irritated me ( sometimes it mount to threat) through phone and hence compelled me to pay Rs. 500.00( rupees five hundred ) for the above default and gave me a receipt of ambiguous format which shows the amount being taken for SETA and N.O.C. of the loan.
I have applied to the HDFC Bank, Durgapur, W.B.; several time to give me the right reason, but they have not given any reason so far.
Your immediate action in this regard is solicited.
Thanking you
Somenath Nandy,
Loan A/C No.90361109
Address : Vill. – Dubchururia; P.O. _ Andal Gram
Dist.- Burdwan; Pin. – 713321 ( W.B.)
Mobile – 9434341272


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