LG ‘s inverter AC gets auto cut off while running.

I had buy two LG brand Split Inverter AC(1.5 Ton & 1 Ton) from Reliance digital a store in moti khavdi, Jamnagar, Gujarat. In which both AC’S compressors are get auto cut off while in running condition and get started after 6 to 8 minutes . Also in 1 ton AC after whole night running i fond its stopped & restart approx 7 times in half and hours.
I raised complain to Reliance digital about this both LG & Reliance digital technician visited my house several times ,they witness my Invereter split ac problem but they are not agreeing with my problem and said this is all as per design.
My question to them than why i have to pay 8 to 10 thousand rupee more for inverter technolgy.
I write a mail many times to Lg service but they are reluctant to resolve my case.
But still they are not agreeing with the faults of their defective AC.
In you tube video of inverter ac & many places in verious websites its very clear that compressor in it never gets stopped its speed gets lower but in my case its compressor gets stopped .
I want refund of my money ,if not possible of refund than provide me replacement with brand new piece.


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  1. Hello Tarlok,

    I am also having LG 1.5 Inverter AC. Had same problem like you. I don’t know why but most of AC expert are aginst inverter AC. I asked for this problem to one of technician and he told me that my Inverter PCB has failed and it will cost me about 10K! He gave judgement before even checking AC! My AC is new, hardly 3 months used. So I went through some stuff and found that outdoor unit needs clean coil finns for better removal of heat, same with indoor unit for releasing cooling.
    If outer unit is stuck with dirt then compressor won’t be able to loose heat and it will take more amperage to do performance. Every has written maximum amperage (in my case its 8.4 Amp. So I checked amperage of my AC with clamp meter and found when temperature reached to 8.4 A, compressor tripped!

    So I bought High Quality Air Blower (600-700 rs blowers from online sites are too weak to clean heavy dirt, better check flow any buy from shop) . And cleaned indoor and outdoor with it. And AC started working properly same like when I just purchased.

    However best way to clean ac is Wet service by water pressure pump. You can get it done by any local technician in 300-400 rs. I am sure your problem will be resolved.


  2. Harry sony Avatar
    Harry sony

    I have also bought two Kelvinator inverter ac from reliance digital .here the same problems that compressor is auto stops many times and heavy odour coming from indoor.No one resolve the issues.Now m going to consumer forum.

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