leather belt of poor quality

Location/place: Asansol,West bengal

Name of company/service: BATA INDIA LIMITED

I have purchased a leather belt
(product code-9616101 09 95) from Bata shop which is situated at 21 G T road,Asansol at the date of 09/08/10 for rupees 299. During this festival season I suddenly saw that the belt is torned from a belt whole. After this season when I went to their shop to change it they said it can not be changed because the warranty period have passed just few days ago. They advised me to contact with the website and register a complaint or mail them but the site is not working for more than two days. Each time when I try to access the site computer was hanged. So, what should be my next step now? how could i change this belt or get my money back.Plz help me about that.
my contact no is (+91)9434177486.e [email protected].


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