landline dead for 1 month

Location/place: vasai

Name of company/service: bsnl kalyan

To ,
General manager,
Bsnl, kalyan telecom (Maharashtra)
10 july 2010
john Philip dsilva
holi, vasai(w)-401201 thane
Ph no-2320931
Mobile no-9823089916
Account no-1000983935
Customer id-1000689176
My landline phone is still dead inspite of complaining to every manager of bsnl for 1 month inspite of complaining to the 198 toll free number no one has bothered to even come and check.not a surprise I expected this kind of service from bsnl.but I will write this complain on every blog on the grahak manch website .
As I told my father has been operated for heart pacemaker and he cannot use mobile when he is sick landline is the only means to contact me.if there is medical emergency and he cannot contact me I will hold bsnl responsible for this.

Respected sir,
I john Philip dsilva want to lounge a complaint with you since my land line telephone for bsnl landline is gone dead for last 28 days . The complaint is already registered on the call centre as well as the 198 number for almost 28 days now .After registering the complaint on 198 number also no one comes from bsnl to help it is not only this time but every time I register a complaint on 198 number no one from bsnl is bothered ro even check . but if you give 50 rs to lineman the work is done within a minute. previously there were a few of my neighbours also had their phone dead like me for 28 days but now their phone is working. Because they had complaint to the general manager of bsnl through internet. But my phone is still not working. I am a retired government employee and my age is 75 now and also I have been operated for heart surgery (pace setter)for 10 years now. So my doctor has told me not to use the mobile phone. I can only use the land line phone as per doctors instructions. But bsnl phone is always dead in my house my son goes to work for night shifts god forbid if I get an medical emergency in night time I have no means to contact the doctor in the night. I also give good business to bsnl since my bill is always more than 900 rs per month. And I have always pay my bills on time so I don’t understand why when my phone line goes dead it is not repaired on time. The workers or line men from bsnl come and tell me that it is a technical fault from the exchange and go away and never come back. I am a senior citizen of india who has retired from mazgoan dock ltd company that was also a central government company but I never worked in this manner I always did my work sincerely.
I don’t understand what is wrong with all the government companies that is why all the private companies are taking advantage of it and there will be one day when all the government companies like air india, bsnl will close down. So this Is high time to take action and tell your workers to be on their toes or else they will be left with no job on day. I think since my phone is not working for almost a month now I should also not be charged for my monthly bill. I will also forward this complaint to grahak manch (consumer forum)from my side to get a immediate reply.
Hope so bsnl will help atleast this time.


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