ITBC not refunding money for the past one year-ITBC 09197059

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: India today book club

Sir, Madam,

During December 2009 I foolishly ordered “Complete history of world” through readers digest(ITBC). A cheque was attached and the same was en cashed on 6/1/2010. When I did not get the book by Feb 2010 I tried calling Readers digest and my ordeal started. I live in Chennai and I was told that I have to call 011 40502424. In spite of this customer complaint number being an STD, not toll free number, Perhaps to avoid customer calling, I called up several times and was told the book had returned back due to address problems. Mind you, I am living in the same address for the past 12 years and still get all “Readers digest” magazine regularly.
I was told with in 20 Days the book will be re sent to me. I patiently waited for the same and called up in march, I was then told that the book is out of inventory and they are waiting for the same to come, I called up again in April and same reply, Agin in may 2010 same reply. I took this very hard and told them to cancel the order and return the money. After that every 20 days I am calling them and they are still , we are in September 2010, given the money back. In august I got a call from one Ravi, who gave me a “waybill number” of blue dart which turned out to be wrong. Today I spoke to the call center and one Mr. Rashid, who was very harsh, says it is the problem of “Blue Dart”. I have never seen such utter disregard for customers.

I sincerely believe that ITBC is cheating money and forcing customers to go through horrid time with their call center to dissuade them from asking re imbursement


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