Irritating Customer Care Service

Your Location/city: Chennai

Name of the product/service/company:: Vudafone

I am a Vodafone user. I opted for a 90days booster of Rs.54 on 21st of May. Then on July 30th I tried to put another 90 days booster for Rs.130, but I was told that it cannot be done unless the former one ends. This intended me to know when that booster ends they informed me it will end on 17th of August and they told that they have transferred that amount of Rs.130 to my prepaid balance. Now on 19th August evening at 5’o clock I again recharged for Rs.130 thinking that a day gap is enough but when I checked with my balance I noted that the amount of Rs.130 was again added up in my mobile prepaid balance.
I called the Customer Care about this. But what they said was that my 54 Rupee booster still didn’t end. When I asked about the date when I started my 54 Rupee booster they told me that I started it on 21st of May and it ends only on 19th of August. So I agreed with him and went with a check if it really still exists, but I was shocked to note that it should have ended by 18th of August only.
When I called the Customer Care again and told him to check with the date of ending of my booster, he agreed with me, he said he would take my compliant and Outcall me soon. But I didn’t receive any call after that.
So I called them again at 8’o clock and told him the whole story again but he denied my words and said that my booster ends only on 19th of this month. He spoke rudely to deny my views, he asked me time when I recharged for my 54 rupee booster I told him that it would be mostly evening. He told me that if someone starts a booster by night 10 or 11’o clock means they would not take it as a day of usage but would calculate based on 24hours time only. I didn’t agree with him as I know how they calculate for mgs boosters, I told him “when u calculate message booster for a day even when they put the booster at night 11’o clock why would u calculate this based on 24 hours..?”. He said that message boosters are different from call rate cutters. He said that’s all he can tell me about this and immediately cut my call.
I called from my mobile again to the Customer Care but I was not able to get the line, so I called through another Vodafone mobile in my home. I asked him whether booster’s especially 130 rupee booster would be calculated based on 24 hours or just based on day. He told me that even if we put a booster at night 11’o clock the day will be taken into consideration and its not calculated based on 24hour calculation then I told him that I’m calling for an enquiry for another number and told him details about my problem. He told me that its based on system details only and no manual calculations can be done. He then said that he would connect me to some Higher official but I waited, waited and waited but was not answered by any, I was able to here some group of men chatting there, I still waited but the call was cut. I recorded my conversation with him and have added the recorded file with this.

I called them again through my mobile and told them the problem again but the answer was the same. Number of times I called the Customer Care increased to 10, but still the answer is same. Some says they would connect me to officials but it happens the same way that the call gets cut after few ring itself. Today when I call up the Customer Care I’m not getting connected, they have neglected my connection with them. No proper maintenance of records, no proper response to customers, no words of customer is taken into regards and no proper calculations from their side.
I hardly condemn their reactions for this and need a quick response from their side.

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