Irrelevant service

I have took lead generating package for interior designers service in Hyderabad location. Monthly 20 leads for one year. But thay haven’t provide singe interior lead. That have promised that they will filter clients as per my service and send genuine clients only.
Now they are sending 3 leads of US without any subject or message repeatedly from one month.
Another cheat is that first they called me and told there change is 12,000 per year then I paid after couple of days again they called me and told to pay another 13,000 to activate it immediately or else previous payment gets lapse then within no time I swiped my credit card and paid them. Then again next day thay called me to pay again. Then they told me that there charge is 39,300.
I paid whole amount for interior design leads but nothing has happened.
Please help me to get my amount to refund me with interest.


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