Location/place: ahmednagar

Name of company/service: intl draw

if the msg i got is true plz give me further information, if not i will think it as sweet dreem


2 responses to “International draw”

  1. This is a scam. Do not pursue it further.

  2. Rohhit Pasi Avatar
    Rohhit Pasi


    These days with the advancement in the field of Information Technology & Mass Communication, a high degree of cases related to winning a lottery, receiving a large sum of money from some long distant relative based in erstwhile country is a common fishing trick and are done only in order to gain a monetary benefit from innocent and uninformed people on account of processing fees or some cash deposit in some anonymous bank account.

    These kind of tricks are being done on a very large scale in developing countries and is nothing more than a way to rob uninformed citizens of their hard earned money.

    Sincere request to all the recipients of such kind of mails, postal letters and electronic mails to not to reply to them and ignoring them and at the same time educating the allies about the same.

    Intelligent & Secure Life Ahead.

    Rohhit Pasi

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