Insurance reimbursement

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: FHPL

Hi Sir,

I am working with McAfee S/W , Bangalore . Me/My Wife/Kids/Mother are insured through company insurance policy ( FHPL ) . I was blessed with baby girl on 17 April. On 20th April by daughter again got re-admitted to hospital because of jaundice problem . Jaundice was treated with using “Billi Blanket” medical device which is owned by Hospital .

Hospital charged Rs 4200 for that medical device but insurance company not ready to reimburse this expense because they feel this is non medical device. FHPL and reliance ( rcap) failed to prove this as a medical device.

So I am filling a case against them . Please do let me know if any other info required to proceed further

Rajendra Sharma
Contact No : 9632876307

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