Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: IDEA

My idea no. is 9088099570, on 20th december 2010, i did a recharge of Rs. 111 at around 9:45 am. , which provided me a balance of Rs. 111,
this mobile remains with me and no one else use this cell of mine.i just made 1 call after that,in the evenning.which was a local call that would have been for a span of 3-4 mins. Then as i checked the balance it showed Rs. 15 somethin as my balance. I called up IDEA customer care, got the info of my outgoing calls, which does not show any info about such deduction, hence i interacted with their executive and then his supervisor respectively regarding the same.They informed me that they do not have any info about how such amount was deducted and hence asked me to call 2 hrs later, which i did , another rep took the complaint and informed that an action would be taken.I was happy, then when i call the next day to check out why the balance was not updated, the executive say that they dont have any info about the deuction. I informed about the complaint been taken, he still informs that they dont have any info about that, so i asked if their system reflect my last recharge amount and outgoing details ,he agrees to that.Then i ask wheather that reflects how an amount of around Rs. 95 was deducted,they dont have any info they say again( so that seemed bloody stupid to me ).So i said that theres no info coz this amount was deducted illegaly by them and hence it does’nt reflect in my outgoing call list or any where.This is ridiculous and i call it BULL SHIT SUPPORT.I have an experience of working with Hp tech support and trust me guyz I KNOW WAYS AND MEANS TO SCREW THE HAPPINESS OF THESE GUYZ AND THEIR COMPANY………….

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