Location/place: Mathura, U.P.

Name of company/service: RELIANCE CDMA MOBILE SERVICE

Reliance has deducted balance and when i contacted customer care. they are saying that i have subscribed for a CNBC pack for which the amount is deducted. they have not gave me any detail about that call. in real, i have not received any call, in fact, my call logs doesn’t got any such call. iam using the service for past 4 years and now iam forced by them to discontiue the service as i have no option left. the customer care being so irresponsible instead of helping me is saying to throw my SIM anywhere. the reality is that i have not received any call from them and i don’t know how to prove this fact. they themselves subscribe first and then deduct the balance daily for the jokes, news etc. my friend has fed up and in fact he cut his SIM into two after speaking to Customer care who is not caring to customers. When he spoke to Senior persons there, the senior persons advised him to miss his sim anywhere. it seems as if they do not bother if their customers switch to any other network. I alongwith my 2 friends who are facing an illegal deduction of balance are against the Reliance infocom and are dropping to use this service.

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