Illegal Business of Medicines

On 23rd Jan 21 I have purchased a medicine from Shibam Medical for my daughter as suggested by child specialist, who sits there only.
My requirement was for 10 Tablets where the full strip comes with 15 nos. So they cut the remaining 5 nos in such a way that exp date etc. falls under his part and did not bother to show me the details. I accepted that and paid the full amount.
Today on 25th 21 when I understood that medicine is not required at all, I went there to exchange with other requirements. This time they have shifted their position completely and told me (very rudely) that he don’t other to take it back as exp. date is not mentioned there. So I assume that, the matter is clear to all.
I have never seen him to sell any medicine with proper bill. I assume that surely this shop is doing illegal business, that too in huge.
I request you to take necessary action please.


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