HP Printer drivers not available

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: HP


My name is Sagar Deshpande. I am using my HP Laser Jet 1000 series printer for ~9-10 years. As i have now upgraded my systems/laptops to Windows 7, i am not able to find drivers for this printer and this printer became useless.
I called HP technical support department, they said, there is no driver available for this printer. In future, if i find any driver online, i can use this printer else its of no use.
I called HP Sales team, they said, there is a buy back option which gives me Rs 1200 as a discount to get a DESKJET printer.

I purchased this printer for Rs 14500 and dont want to sell my printer if the drivers will be available. If in case HP is cannot provide me drivers, they should replace it with similar kind of usable printer.

Please let me know how to proceed.

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