HP mini Laptop (Within Warranty) is in not working condition for a long time

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: HP

Dear Sir,
I have bought a hp mini laptop recently on 10.10.2010. I was facing a problem in the charging indicator display though the adapter and the laptop was working fine. Only the charging indicator was glowing as red instead of white. I called to HP telephonic support on 09.11.2010 (Case No.4622138411). They sent me a bios driver via email and instructed me to install the same and due to their “Great Help & Support”, the laptop was not getting switched on after the installation. Before installation of the driver it was working completely fine. I called them again and asked for onsite support. At one call someone told me that I have an onsite support and in another call someone said that u dont have any onsite support. Rather u have to scan your purchasing proof copy and mail the same to us. I think they have lack of information and confuse the customer a lot.

Then I went to the nearby HP service center and submitted the laptop on 12.11.2010 (Case No.4622320837) . They asked me to call after 2 days. On 16.11.2010 they told me that motherboard of my laptop need to be replaced and it will be done by 18.11.2010. And when I called them again o 18.11.2010, to my utter surprise they told that it will take not less than 10 days.

I have not even used the laptop for 1 month properly. after then it is only in the service center. I have not bought the laptop for keeping it in the service center for undetermined period of time. It is for regular use and more than that the condition of the laptop has become worse only due to “The Great Assistance of HP Telephonic Support”. My laptop is under international warranty. But I am only getting a date which is not even in near future at all. I have not seen my laptop working almost from 20 days. and most of the time it is in HP service Center. I really need help. Cant take this harassment anymore.

I have to leave India very soon. But the service center people do not want to hear anything from the me. When I wanted to tell them that I require it urgently they just told that We will call you when the part is available and disconnected the line.

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