Highly irresponsible Paper checking

My name is amit and I am very upset due to irresponsible paper checking by Punjab Technical University , Jalandhar.
They have failed me in 4 papers but I am 100% sure that they can failed me atleast 2 papers out of 4 papers.

These papers are Computer Fundamental and RDBMS

Almost 90% Students have Re-appear. Faculties of PTU have not checked the papers after full reading. They have spoiled the careers of Many students.

We want Rechecking of papers by PTU without taking a single amount from any student .

There is a big fraud in paper checking by PTU, Jalandhar.

PTU is not taking it seriously and PTU staff have very irresponsible behaviour.

We want immidiate action against PTU, Jalandhar.

You can confirm my details
Name : Amit Kumar
Father’s Name : Dinesh Kumar
Roll no : 820633006
Semester : Ist
Course : B.Sc(IT)
Session : march 09
Phone : 09812417626, 9846437289
Email : [email protected]

Please Do something and help me in any way.

Anybody can help me then please call me or email me to tell what should I do.


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  1. Hi!
    If 90% of the students have to re-appear, you can get together and organize a collective display of protest. That should get some public attention and hence push the authorities at PTU to act.

  2. any time my exam fill good but in checking i’m not pass that’s very bad please don’t rough my carrier $ now passed me in all sub. i’m thankful to u .. my mob. no.is 09896132024 please contt. me

  3. can u believe it i got only 10 marks in environment science !! same thing happened in eme and physics…..although i had attempted full paper and all sheets were filled. when i paid for re-evaluation i got 23 ! this doesn’t make sense ! i had suppli. in eme for 23 marks i just required 1 mark to pass in re-evaluation ….they failed me…….WHAT IS HAPPENING???

  4. ptu is corrupt university idid score very well in all three sem of mba but in d final sem they faile me in one paper n i was very sure i did all paper cery well. m shocked when i saw my result. they faild me n also provide result very late. they spoiled my career . my biggest mistake of life to chose ptu for mba their staff is very rude n irresponsible .this uni shoukd be banned. they nothng to worry about studnts life just spool their career. i want to conmit suicide. i did lot of hard work in my exam but still they failed even not i get only 20 to pass if i attempt whole paper well . they are bunch of crooks. govt should blacklist dis university . their motive is only money making . m frustrated n depressed.

  5. Sukanya ghosh Avatar
    Sukanya ghosh

    My name is Sukanya Ghosh from Gulzar Group of Institutes,Khanna.Pursuing my BBA course.A topper of my batch.Perceived 8 cgp in previous 2 semesters.PTU is a highly corrupted institute.Recently my 3rd semester results are out but they have given me a backlog in one of the subject(Business Statistics)…and received more than 90-95 marks in rest of the subjects…How is that possible???….I will go for rechecking…nd still if not there is some change…I will go for strong legal action against ptu…They are tampering the marksheets of students…nd not a education institute…students who dont have books and cant even write a correct sentence in English are getting all clear status…It’s better ptu stop such irresponsible and crooked attitude…or else ptu will be in a big trouble in future!!!

  6. Abhay sharma Avatar
    Abhay sharma

    My maths paper m1 and m2 are supply after 5 attempts many times they gave me 23,21etc numbers I am very depressed please help me.My mob no. Is 9501203579

  7. Harsimran Singh Avatar
    Harsimran Singh

    Ptu is corrupted university .They gave result random wise . They are ruining the career of student.They want only money from students .One from reapperar and another from reveluation and the money for both is 700 .
    The money for reveluation for one subject is 700 and our clg want fees of next sem in advance and the student does not know if he is passed or not students have to give the fees of next semester in order to get admit card for paper of the semester that is going on if student does not give money for the fees the clg does not give admit card of the paper .

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