Highly irresponsible Paper checking

My name is amit and I am very upset due to irresponsible paper checking by Punjab Technical University , Jalandhar.
They have failed me in 4 papers but I am 100% sure that they can failed me atleast 2 papers out of 4 papers.

These papers are Computer Fundamental and RDBMS

Almost 90% Students have Re-appear. Faculties of PTU have not checked the papers after full reading. They have spoiled the careers of Many students.

We want Rechecking of papers by PTU without taking a single amount from any student .

There is a big fraud in paper checking by PTU, Jalandhar.

PTU is not taking it seriously and PTU staff have very irresponsible behaviour.

We want immidiate action against PTU, Jalandhar.

You can confirm my details
Name : Amit Kumar
Father’s Name : Dinesh Kumar
Roll no : 820633006
Semester : Ist
Course : B.Sc(IT)
Session : march 09
Phone : 09812417626, 9846437289
Email : [email protected]

Please Do something and help me in any way.

Anybody can help me then please call me or email me to tell what should I do.

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