Location/place: PANIPAT

Name of company/service: INDIA INFOLINE LTD

It is hereby stated that I am a client of India infoline ltd. , a share broker company. Due to some problem with my broker when I requested to transfer my share to my new broker they refused. However on my request they transfer my share partially but some share transfer slip is still pending as the customer care executive told me that they want to debit some charges in my account when I request them to debit the charges on the same day the executive simply refuses that the charges will be debited only at the month end and till then I can not transfer my share to anywhere.

They are just telling me that there is not sufficient fund in my account when I asked what is the sufficient fund they refused to tell me the same…

I want to simply tell them that I am the owner of the share and they are not if the share price for the period goes down will they bear the loss??


They have simply pledge my shares for their nominal charges.

Please help me to come out from this harassment

Sumit bareja
Subareja clint id of India infoline
(m) : 93549-04000

comp.zip (172 KB)


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