Given Weong medicine ,497 Ambedkar nahar, vijapur road

My name is Prakash Bansode, I purchased medicine from “Govind Medical Store, 497 ambedkar nagar, vijapur road, solapur”. I shown him Doctors prescription of required medicines, I wanted to purchase OLMESAR 40MG TAB, but they gave me OLMESAR 20MG TAB, I didn’t saw this in shop…I came home and sanitize the tablet using sanitizer because of current pandemic situation due to this MRP n expiry date is gone ..while taking medicine I saw its 20 mg not 40 mg…when I complained to shop, owner used bad word and didn’t replaced the medicine…its ok he didn’t replaced due to price tag is erased…but shop owner didnt accepts his fault of giving me wrong medicines…plus I dont thik there is any professional worker to give medicine…I just wanted to complain that medical owner, he should accept his fault and I want to enquiry of the workers qualification who are currently working in shop


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