Getting validity for 27 days instead of 28 days on recharge

last month i put a complain here.
But the same problem again i’m facing this month.
i recharged Rs 799 on mar 2nd. the validity is to till 29th mar.(28 days as per tariff rule)
tariff of Rs 799.

1. unlimited local R-R calling.
2 10000 min std R-R calling.
3. 30 min /day R-O calling(it will credited every day at 00.00 hour)
4. Validity for 28 days
but form last three months I’m observing that on the 28th day that 30 mins are not credited to my account.
to whom i would complain so that reliance will listen to my complain.
thank you
pls help me out from this problem. Not only me a lot of people may be facing the same problem. this is policy of reliance company,


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