Not Getting my Mobile Back from Mobile Insurance Company

I bought one Micromax Doodle 2 mobile and on that very day I registered it for Insurance which is valid for 2 years and the Insurance company is TMS (Total Mobile Solution). I gave my mobile to TMS for repair as my mobile was under warranty period, on 21st Jan 2015 and I was informed by the representative of the company that I will get it back after 15 days. After 15 days I kept calling them and they are just delaying the date of delivery without any justification.Now I do not find any solution to get my phone back than to complaint about them.

It is mental and physical torture for us. I have kept all the important contacts and information in the phone. I am unable to contact with any person and I have lots of feature in that phone which keep me updated about my office daily news and not having the phone with me is creating loss to me.

The Insurance company is not adhering to its policy and harassing its customer. It is a fraudulent activity and misrepresentation.


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