Fraudulent Billing and Harassment

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

Dear Sir,
I was a subscriber for Docomo Broadband till dec2011.A/c No 908457943.My tariff was Rs 850/p.m. and the same was paid till sep 2011. The company increased my tariff without intimating me to Rs1200/p.m.and subsequently I left Inia to work in Oman and requested the call centre of the company to disconnect my connection and paid the last bill till Nove 2011.Even after my request company continued to send the inflated bill to my residence and forced my wife to settle the bills by repeated telephone calls from the call centre.I instructed my wife not to pay any money to the company after Jan 2012, and still the company continued toissue the bills till april 2012 and now sent a legal notice to settle the bills.This amounts to undue harassment and needs to be redressed.

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