Fraud Transaction is made, ready to accept that but insurance company saying car blocked after 9 days so cant give it back

Dear Sir,

On 16/6/14 i got the message on my phone from the bank that a sum of rs 12940/- has been deducted from my account

1st of all i had block my card on the same day when the transaction was made and i got the message on my phone , while on call i asked the person why the amount has been deducted from my account he sd that some purchase had been made from your account . and i told him that i havent made any transaction through it and he also confirmed with me that are u sure you wanna the card i said ya i wanna block the card and i also to refund the amount deducted so he told me that you have to file a complaint in your branch then they will do further proceeding.
so on the next day i went to Malad (e) Branch they refuse to take the complain of mine and told that they want a F.I.R from the police station after ward they will accept my complaint so on the same day i went to police station and told to right a F.I.R but they refuse to do that and they gave me a letter of rules in which it was clearly mentioned that on fraud transaction there is no need for F.I.R on the next day that is 18/6/2014 i went to BOB Malad (e) branch and showed them the rules form and then they took the complaint for the same.. when i asked Mr. Rajan Sir that is my debit card is block ? He said ya your debit card has been block and told me if u have any urgency than apply for a new one and then i went to atm for checking is it block or not it was blocked .
This was all oral communication but i have wrote a complain for the same which i have a acknowledgement copy

after dat i did all the thing that the bank sd. complaint letter affidavit and submitted also and than the gave me the time for 45-60 days but after more than 90days i get the answer that it got rejected due to non blockage of card.

Now when i asked Mr. Rajan Sir he is telling we have blocked the card from our side but the debit card department kept it open and when i complain to Debit card Department they say we didnt send us the letter to block the card.

Miscommunication between two bank why should i pay price for the it.

Now none is ready to listen to me. What should i do ?

Thanks Regards
Raj Gandhi

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