Fraud & Torcher Packers and movers 6281168240

This complaint is in regards to a Packers and movers who does fake quotes and does rowdyism on the customer once Shipped products from *From Address*.

My requirement was to ship my products from Bangalore to Nellore.
Shipment contains
1. Bike
2. 1Box, small trolly, college bag and a helmet.

Step 1: (Tried to find a Vendor and found one)
While I was searching in online for the vendors. I gave my number for quotes in different sites.
I got some calls randomly and among them I got one from Agarwal(6281168240)which I felt it’s a trusted one actually it’s a fake Agarwal.

Step 2: (Confirm Quote and paid advance)
So I confirmed and get the quote with the above mentioned shipment details. He said it costs 5000/-to ship things door to door delivery and agreed and not given any confirmation SMS or any bill and said they will surely send within 2 days.
I paid 500/- as an advance.(June’20)

Step 3: (Shipped luggage)
Then very next day Their persons took all my shipment and given a consignment Note looks like a dummy/fake note mentions 2,00,000 worth.(june’21)
Then started Drama by him.

Step 4: (Delayed in shipping and paid remaining quoted amount )
From the day shipment happened from my home in Bangalore he stopped giving reply and not considering about my shipment and switched off his mobile, only WhatsApp chat and calls are accepting that too very limited.
After asking so many times, after 3 days he sent the packed items image (june’25).

Then he forced me to pay for remaining 4500/- amount.
Then I paid full amount.(june’25).
Immediately I asked for tracking number but I didn’t received any official confirmation any such.
Then very next day(june’26)

Step 5: (he Forced to pay insurance amount for shipping)
I asked for Tracking number then he started the main drama. Saying ‘You have to pay 3% of the Shipment cost 2,00,000 which is 6000/- for an insurance.
I said 5000 was quoted with all inclusive and confirmed in WhatsApp chat also. And he started using serious tone till then very light tone he used.

Step 6: (Found Fake Packers and movers)
So I got to knw he is a fraud Packers and nothing is working in the bill neither address, Email nor website all are fake details on the bill and name ‘Agarwal he said it’s a fake Agarwal’ an then keep asking me to pay 6000/- for insurance and I didn’t agreed.
Requested many times to reveal his office address but he never revealed.

Step 7:(June 28- Paid additional insurance amount)
Then I lodged a complaint on police station in Nellore, then also he didn’t get fear/responded to them.
Then some how after so many discussions I paid that 6K also them he gave a tracking number.

Step 8: (Shipped my luggage with which is fraud without From Address).

And what they did is very interesting.
They already sent my shipment with which is a big fraud again, for that shipment they have not mentioned their From address or anything and just given my TO address(no phone number also) and then I called and complained to that site and given my all information about bike documents and all then they shipped.

Step 9: (July3 – Finally Received the Shipment)
finally received my bike, it is damaged so badly and then he stopped responding to my calls.
Then I found I didn’t get my Helmet and Bike cover along with my package which costs 4K.

Till today (July’30) I am requesting him to send me my remaining things but he stopped responding.

Attachments: Not Able to upload the proofs which is bad with this site. But I have all the proofs includes his bills and WhatsApp chat.
He switched off his mobile and he received all my calls from WhatsApp so couldn’t record his voice calls but some I have.

Please don’t don’t trust this guy who calls with below details.
Phone: 6281168240
Name: Agarwal Cargo Packers and Movers.
Address: *Never revealed*.
He frequently changes the Name but not number.


10 responses to “Fraud & Torcher Packers and movers 6281168240”

  1. hey, i booked the my bike. dealing the same torture .

  2. we need to escalate this , so that no body get this torture again in future

  3. Kumar J Avatar
    Kumar J

    Bhumi.. ping me @ [email protected]
    We should not leave him.
    Still my remaining things not recieved.

  4. Preeti Pattan Avatar
    Preeti Pattan

    Same thing happened with me
    Kumar j I have sent u email plz do check

  5. Sadhika Gupta Avatar
    Sadhika Gupta

    This guy is a big fraud. He is demanding money from us but we are refusing to pay. We are not sure what to do mext. We should not leave ghis guy. He should be put in jail.

  6. Hi Kumar, Can you please let me know what is the contact number of the site where you got your shipping. Mine is still stuck.

  7. hello everyone we got that guy”Anil Kumar” today morning but police are saying they don’t have any compliant apart from others please send your details to [email protected] ASAP

  8.  Avatar

    please send every detail to sada shivanagar police station in bangalore [email protected], call at 080 2294 2589 ASAP they may help you, but if you delay i can’t promise

  9. I had a same situation and got bigger loss. He did not return my fridge, he took the insurance amount for which he did gave any proof and when my things were broken i did not get any claim because that insurance was never exists.

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