Fraud related to my ICICI account

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank

Dear Sir/Madam

I G Suresh have an account in ICICI Bank Malleswaram Branch in Bangalore. My account no. is 007801006645.
Yesterday (20.01.2011) 1 lakh rupees amount was debited from my account without my knowledge. In the morning a person(Anil Kumar)claiming to be an icici bank executive kept repeatedly calling me saying that he is from the fraud detection center. he sent an sms in the name of HARI OM ENTERPRISE along with an URN and asked me to forward the same to his mobile no. (8698741405). I forwarded the sms to his mobile no. Then in the afternoon he asked me to verify the digits printed on the back of my debit card.
i said that most of the digits were erased. he mentioned some of the digits (I dont know how).

Then in the evening i got a sms saying that 1 lakh rupees has been debited from my account. I immediately called the customer care and asked them to block the card and register a complaint.
The ref no. is 164556132

I am having the account for the past 10 years. when i spoke to the customer care atleast 5 times, i got the feeling that the bank is not bent on safeguarding the interest of the customer, but is more worried how the fraud person will react if the bank freezes his account.

I am presently working in chennai. Many times when i go to the bank for some transaction, the bank employees are more worried about how i should invest the money in my account in numerous icici policies. They check my account and keep giving me suggestions.

Whether i invest money or not is none of their business. I keep getting calls from various icici members. some of them disturb me during my office hours. Yesterday when the fraud person called i was in the midst of my work.

How do i trust the bank (on what basis). I want the money to be credited to my account at the earliest possible.I have lost faith in ICICI bank. i feel cheated.

I request the authorities concerned to act at the earliest. My contact no is 9940672483

The complaint no. is SR18233470 and FIR No. is 22/2011 dated 21.01.2011 )Malleswaram Police Station)


G Suresh

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