Fraud on the name of technical Problem

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular services

I Rohit,am an Idea prepaid customer for +91-9964238101.I’m charged 40 ps for all calls or some then in the same scheme have got some SMS free(Only first 2 sms are charged)when on calling the customer care for almost 10 time 1 person said i had to recharge my account for Rs.12,when doing it immediately as on 17th June 1.00 PM,the amt is debited but still there is no change in the tariff i’m still charge 60 ps and all sms are charged.

I would request you to look into this as this is a small amt to the customer and to the lakhs n lakhs of other customers,but a HUGE amt to the co.The only answer to this would be nothing other than “TECHNICAL PROBLEM”.

whenever i call the customer care they firstly make us wait for long then disconect immediately, i dont understand when they cannot afford to solve customer;s problem,then why do they need a customer care,just to shoot up the BP Of their customers is it?????

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  1. 12 years ago

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